Act Today to Help Your House Sell Tomorrow

We’re all stuck at home these days, which means if selling your home is on the horizon, you’re probably staring around with frustration at all the things you’d like to change.

Renovations and maintenance can dramatically increase the value of your  home. Unfortunately, we all have limited time, energy and money to spend on changes to a house we plan on selling!

So, we’ve compiled the top four renovation and maintenance items for the best return on investment. Prioritize these few tasks and see your offers increase!


No.1 – We’ve all heard the importance of curb appeal. While we often think of curb appeal at the … well, curb level, our roof is the first thing people see and notice. A new roof is expensive, but the average return on that investment is 107%! That means you can earn more money by spending on a new roof. Even if you don’t want to go all-in on a new roof, there are many options for repairing and even upgrading a roof without a full replacement.

No. 2 – People love wood floors. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. New wood flooring could earn you an extra 6% when selling your home. It might seem like a shame to put wood floors into a house you’re about to leave, but that extra money can go toward updating the home you end up in!

No. 3 – While you might not earn money off of installing a new HVAC system, the negative impact of a heating or air-conditioning system not up to snuff is worth putting some work in before the sale. HVAC investment has around 85% ROI, and it’s an important factor for buyers.

No. 4 – And we circle back around to curb appeal. Siding is easily overlooked in favor of landscaping or a new front door. But with a 63% ROI, it’s one of the most valuable renovations for a home on the market. At the very least, make sure you have your home exterior pressure washed or professionally cleaned. Even slapping on a new coat of exterior paint can make a huge difference.

We hope these tips give you something to work on and think about while spending more time around the house over the next few weeks. As always, we’re here to help with any and all real estate needs, so please call us to get started on your house sale to-do list today!