Finding the RIGHT home for every stage of life

There are milestones in every family where change is necessary. It may be that you’ve sent the last kid off to college, or because you want to make the most of your retirement. Whether empty-nester or retiree, finding the right living situation is an integral part of transitioning to a new stage of life.

Changing homes can be daunting. Finding the right home for your new life stage can improve your quality of life and become the centerpiece of a changing lifestyle.

We found this out first-hand when we transitioned Dave’s mother out of a home that she had lived in for 52 years. It was time to find accommodations that allowed her to embrace her next chapter.

That experience inspired us to learn the ins and outs of next-chapter facilitation. If you need help assisting Mom and Dad into new accomodations, we can be there every step of the way. We can even share some great referrals that will assist you with downsizing personal belongings in tag sales or estate sales. Whatever you or your loved ones need, we’re here for you.

Often, getting started is the hard part. We have assisted numerous clients and families with downsizing, including our own family members when they needed some assistance with their home sale and tag sale.

Give us a call for recommendations on how best to begin the downsizing process.

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