Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready to be a homeowner?

We and our banking affiliates can answer that for you after a simple interview. Needing 20% down is a myth. There are some great mortgage products out there that can get you into a home for as little as 3.5% down. Let us get you connected to one of our lending partners to see if you qualify for a mortgage today.

Is renting or buying better?

Renting vs buying is a personal preference. Would you like to have the option of 4 walls not connected to renters on the other side? Or would you like to have the option of having a fenced in backyard for your pet to roam freely? How about ease of access from your own garage to the kitchen with groceries, or the annual tax benefit, just to name a few pros of homeownership. A mortgage payment can be less than rent in an apples-to-apples comparison.

What do I look for in homes?

As your Realtors, we help you arrive at a comfortable price point and a location that best serves your needs. Once we arrive at the home, we will show you what to look for as far as quality, good bones and preventative maintenance items are concerned. Our renovation experience can save you thousands of dollars by pointing out items that may be missed otherwise. We will not sell you a home that we would not sell to any of our 5 adult children.

Do I need a home warranty?

We strongly recommend a home warranty, especially for your first year of homeownership. Peace of mind while you are getting acquainted with your new home is very beneficial. If a major appliance should fail during the first 12 months, a small deductible would be easier to swallow than the price of a new range or central air system.

What should I expect at closing?

Whether you are the buyer or seller, closing day should be a happy, stress-free, memorable experience. The final paperwork is a minor formality, and then you can get on with your big move. Let us help you get everything timed so everyone is moving along smoothly.

What is pre-approval?

The pre-approval letter is not the same as a commitment letter. Pre-approval is a letter from a lending institution that has qualified you as legitimate buyer. The pre-approval letter is also a guide to inform the listing agent and the buyer agent that you have been qualified to receive a new mortgage on the property you are considering.

What should I offer?

When we assist you with your home search, we perform a current market analysis on the property and the surrounding properties. This assures us that you are not over-paying for the property.  We are expert negotiators and will get you the best possible price whether you are selling or buying a property.

Can I ask you for advice?

No question is too small. Absolutely ask us for advice throughout the entire process. That is why we are here. Our experience and expertise will put your mind at ease after you have asked us your questions. We take the stress out of real estate, and can make it enjoyable for both sides of the transaction. Our business is bringing you home.

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